The Shoppe at MenloVille
1902 Valparaiso Avenue
Menlo Park CA 94025
Brigham’s Barnwood Furniture Collection
Made in California from wood salvaged from old barns, this creative and environmentally thoughtful collection of furniture, mirrors and home decor represents MenloVille's philosophies of quality, fun and re-purposing of items otherwise destined for the landfill. Most materials used in the production of this furniture is reclaimed from a variety of sources, with the beautifully aged wood from barns the focus. All work is done by a small team of artisans in a small shop; metal-work is hand-forged and cast hardware can be bronzed.

Because these pieces are made with reclaimed materials, there is a wonderful old-world quality and charm to each unique piece. Use them to blend with your home's traditional style, or accent a contemporary interior by creating an exciting juxtaposition of styles.

Also available by this team of craftsmen is custom kitchen cabinetry and design. With thirty years experience in home design, building and renovations, and eight years of making furniture, these pieces are exactingly crafted by experienced hands.

Working with the artisan, we can custom make any furniture for your home or backyard - even pets!
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